I specialize in guiding midlife men and women to successful, fulfilling relationships. I'll help you more fully understand the opposite sex, show you what you can do differently, and help you deal with obstacles along the way. Soon you'll feel as confident in your dating life as in the rest of your life. And you'll have fun, too!

Online Dating Profile Makeover

OnlineDateWebDiscover how to win at online dating! As you master the secrets of attracting love online, you'll find more like-minded people coming your way. You'll uncover successful search techniques, learn how to choose a site that's best for you, and put together a unique profile that reflects the real you.

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Winning Email Genie

eMail_250It's fun to search online dating sites for possible romance, but opening up an empty inbox really puts a damper on it. Increase your response rate with Get A Love Life's Winning eMail Genie. Soon you'll be engaging in flirty online conversations that lead to more dates!

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Online Dating Concierge

Huggy_couple_smiling250pxAre you serious about looking for love, but hate the hassle of online dating? Tell me who you're looking for, and I'll do the groundwork for you. I'll search dating sites for you, and ghost-write your first emails. All you have to do is follow up when someone you want to meet is looking forward to hearing from you.

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